Chef Movie Review: Saif Ali Khan as Chef deserves a Watch

After going through many critics reviews, we can conclude that Saif Ali Khan’s Movie ‘Chef’ deserves a watch.  Check out Chef Movie Review here from all major critics.

Based on the 2014 Hollywood hit, Chef stars Svar Kamble, Padmapriya and Chandan Roy Sanyal, apart from Saif. The film traces the journey of Roshan Kalra as he tries to find out his true source of happiness. It’s a story about food, love, family and togetherness as well as how a father rediscovers the bond with his son. The movie is based on 2014 chef but it has been altered from the Jon Favreau version.

Chef Movie Review: Saif Ali Khan as Chef deserves a Watch

Chef Movie Review
Chef Movie Review gave 3.5 out of 5 stars and said It’s modern, funny and leaves you hungry for more. claims Saif Ali Khan’s film struggles to impress with the starters (the beginning), saves the day with the variety in mains (bittersweet emotional journey of food and finding true happiness, spiced up with some fun moments) and steals the show with dessert (ending) and rated film with 3 stars. rated this film with 4 stars and said CHEF is a feel-good cerebral entertainer that charms you with its simplicity. At the box office, it should appeal to the target group of multiplex audience that appreciates discerning cinema. The film has the potential to grow with a good word of mouth.

However, did not like the film at all. They gave 1.5 stars and said, Saif Ali Khan’s Chef offers moments of brilliance which, if weaved in a more organised manner, may have given us a light, affable film. But a lazy and rather uninterested narrative takes away the pleasure.

NDTV also rated the film with low stars. They reported, “It’s a fine line, and there is something heartening about the fact that Khan looks to finally outgrow his greatest triumph by laughing about it. The chef  holds no secret sauce of its own, but perhaps we shouldn’t be that surprised. There is only that much you can do with a reheated film.” and gave 2 stars to Saif’s Chef.

The Times of India gave 3.5 stars and conclude report by saying, “Well, though, Chef is predictable in parts, the journey is an enjoyable one. Choose what you wish to eat while watching it. Popcorn or some of that delicious pasta which Roshan K whips up in a jiffy.” gave the film 3 stars with tagline “With a predictable ending, Chef is certainly an interesting watch with a fashioned feel to it.”

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