BA Pass 2 Movie Review – Critics and Audience Reaction

BA Pass 2 is one of movie from the list of movies released on 15th September 2017. Film is directed and written by Shadab Khan. Its a story of young girl, who in order to achieve goals makes few wrong decisions and adopts ill habits that eventually ruin her life. Movie stars Kritika Sachdeva, Sasho, Indranil Sengupta in lead role. Here in this article we will be talking about the film. Along with that we will go through reviews by different critics.

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Story: Neha(Kritika Sachdeva) movies to Mumbai from hometown after her parents ask her to get marry with an NRI.

BA Pass 2 Movie Review – Critics and Audience Reaction

Here we have some reviews published by some popular websites. We will be publishing all reviews from critics and audiences reaction. Moreover we have started getting response report of the morning shows. As per latest reports, BA Pass 2 morning shows didn’t got measurable response. So, we expect a slow start on day 1. But still movie have many shows to perform. Majority of people prefer to watch movie in evening or night. We will publish 1st day collection of the film.

Times of India(2.5/5):

You try to make too much sense of a relatively ambiguous movie, whose story progresses from being unpredictable to bizarre. Almost every person in is seemingly bad, turn out to be good but are actually bad. You walk out feeling empty and confused as opposed to being shaken.


The film is shot on real locations and hence looks visually appealing, especially the love making song of Neha and Ritesh. Overall, BA Pass 2 is a good watch with an interesting premise.


Despite many shortcomings, BAYPAS2 can be called a clean rectangle. From our side, the film gets 3 stars.

More reviews Coming soon….

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BA Pass 2 Movie Review

BA Pass 2 Movie Reviews

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